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The workshops are delivered weekly, in sequential order for maximum effectiveness.  Each weekly workshop will arrive directly to your email, with a link to the corresponding video(s).  Each written/Video Workshop will be followed by a  weekly Guided Mediation.  The Weekly Guided Meditations focus down on the weeks workshop points.  As we work through each workshop, you will first build the foundation to support your new positive experiences as well as begin creating , projecting, and building the life you deserve to live, with a focus on the community which you deserve to be proud to live in,, and ultimately the county in which you deserve to be proud to be part of.

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Workshop #1: Introduction and Practice

With this life-changing Workshop series, I introduce ideas and methods which you may not be familiar with.  In Workshop #1 I discuss what we each bring to the table and  why that is important, introduce a couple of new ideas for consideration, and follow up with a Introduction To Guided Meditation as Workshop #1/Workshop Video #1 to help you ease into the mediation portion of the workshops for maximum effectiveness!  Don't worry, you are in total control!  This is all about you, and it may take a few tries to become comfortable with this process.  Take your time, but don't get stuck!

Workshop #2: Raising Your Awareness

The first step to building a firm foundation to support your new positive experiences is to become aware of certain truths about our feelings and how they effect us in energetic, cyclical patterns.  We also must become aware of the endless resources available to us if we simply pay attention to thier exist‚Äčance! Workshop #2 brings a fresh thinking over existing topics and areas of concern , followed up with Workshop #2/Workshop Video #2 to help you focus in on applying these new understandings to your life.

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Workshop #3: Releasing The Guilt

At this point in the Workshops, you will have inevitably come into the understanding about how your personal negative energy has effected others, including those who you love.  I am going to show you how to look at these situations for what they really are, which is a blessing.  Once the blessing is understood then releasing the guilt , judgments, and fears become easy! And believe it or not, this is where the fun begins!  Those guilty feelings you have, well they are some of the most powerful emotions to harness and we are going to take a look at how to use these powerful emotional energies in the most positive and personally productive ways!  Followed up with Workshop #3/Workshop Video #3.

Workshop #4: Realizing Your Truth

Now that you have attained a solid understanding about how all this works and have gotten a glimpse of the powers we are going to harness, it's time to find your truth so we know which direction to persue when harnessing those energies.  This is a thoughtful, internal consieration about what's really important to you and why.  Most times, those answers lie in the negative emotions you felt guilty about in the last workshop.  I am going to show you how your truth has been exposing itself to you all your life through the challenges you have experienced, and how they set you up to use these energies to attain your purpose.  Followed up with Workshop #4/Workshop Video #4.

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Workshop #5: Connecting the Circuitry

Now that your head is in the right spot, we need to get inside that heart and body of yours and clear it out!  This Workshops discusses the importance of completing the Mind-Soul-Heart-Body connection.  We were created to have all our systems working together for maximum effectiveness, just like a car! If you are going to live the life of your dreams every part of you needs to contribute to your overall well-being.  I will show you how to clear-out and clear-up through simple techniques that keep you motivated and inspired to be the best you can be!  Followed up with Workshop #5/Workshop Video #5.

Workshop #6: Realizing Your Power

Most of us have never understood anything about what you have learned thus far.  The power you have is enormous, and you have many, many helpers and tools.  At this point you realize the importance in working with others.  In this Workshop I show you how to broaden your reach for more complete assistance, and how to use your power wisely and for mutual benefit for all involved.  In my opinion, you have to know your powers and your resources in order to use them in the best possible way.  Followed up with Workshop #6/Workshop video #6

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Workshop #7: Creative Development

Your foundation is ready.  You know your powers and your resources.  Now it's time to open your imagination and begin creating the idea of what you want your life to look like and be like!  There's no order to miracles, so get as imaginative as you can!  I will show you how to use your creative opening and how to find the clues you need throughout your day.  This is FUN!!  Followed up with Workshop #7/Workshop Video #7.

Workshop #8: Projecting Your Intentions

The foundation is set.  Powers and resources understood.  Creative Development complete.  Now it's time to use everything you have and focus completely on your intentions.  Up until now, you have had limited examples of your positive enery at work.  Beginning with this Workshop, life will never be the same again!  I will show you how to focus down, set expectations, and build a solid support system for success!  Goodbye negative cyclical results!  Hello positive cyclical results! YOU DID IT!  Followed up with Workshop #8/Workshop Video #8



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