Business Transformation Workshop Information

Our community-level businesses are what constitutes the community economic impact, and I'm here to help these community

 level businesses thrive.  Many business owners have all the tools they need, they just need to utilize those tools in the 

most efficient, cost-effective manner. 

As small business owners, oftentimes our personal worlds and our business world s are one.  As such, it becomes a very important factor to focus on self first and foremost, so that your personal foundation is ready to support your business success.  I highly recommend that prior to engaging in the Business Transformation Workshops that you first use the Energy Transformation Workshops to get ready for this step.

By focusing down on the mechanics of how your business operates within the community and how you view and utilize marketing capital,  I will reveal to you a wide-known method of doing business that very few are capitalizing on, giving your business the niche it needs to succeed.  What you will learn is the most efficient and cost effective methods to doing business that can be used in any industry, that is applicable to any size business, that can be used for start-up businesses or existing businesses, that has no need for exclusivity or territory contracts, that builds long term sustainability  in a fluctuating economic situation, that builds community capital, that builds community well-being, and ultimately provides you all the peace, joy, and success you deserve!

The workshops are delivered weekly, in sequential order for maximum effectiveness.  Each weekly workshop will arrive directly to your email, with written version provided as well as a link to the corresponding video(s), and worksheets you can use to help you focus down on the multiple pieces as a whole.  Each weekly workshop will be followed by a  weekly guided mediation.  The weekly guided meditations focus down on the weeks workshop points.  As we work through each workshop, you will first build the foundation to support your new success as well as begin creating , projecting, and building the life you deserve to live, with a focus on the community which you deserve to be proud to live in, and ultimately the county in which you deserve to be proud to be part of.

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Business Workshop #1: Mind Eva‚Äčluation

This workshop begins with utilizing the tools provided in the Energy Transformations Workshops. It is highly recommended that you take those first.

Business Workshop #1 Focuses down on how your newly discovered or awaked truth about yourself effects the business dream you once had. With this evaluation, many business owners find the seeds of excitement they have lost along the way! New business owners get the direction they need to really solidify their direction and harness the excitement in beneficial ways! Followed up with Business Workshop #1/Guided Mediatation #1

Business Workshop #2: Business Evaluation

Workshop #2 goes hard-core in discovering where all the money is being spent, or intended to be spent. We are going to evaluate every expense and contract. We are going to explore the value of each expense and explore more effective avenues. We are going to take a good hard look at marketing, what you are doing, and its value.

This is an area most difficult for most small business owners due to the combination of personal and business worlds. However now you see things differently, and you understand the importance of balancing your business, just like your life. By taking an honest assessment at this level, you gain the insight you need to make beneficial adjustments and build the momentum you need to orchestrate those game-changing adjustments in the most positive and beneficial manner. Followed up with Business Workshop #2/Guided Meditation #2

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Business Workshop #3: Introduction to CCMS

At this point I am certain there are a number of truths you have discovered.  And now,  I am going to introduce to you the Miracle USA way of doing business with the Miracle USA Community Connections Marketing Systems (CCMS).  These unique systems will help you understand why it has become so important  to your bottom line to reconsider what marketing means and how to use it correctly.   People with existing businesses found they were better off than they thought, and start-ups end up with more un-allocated capital right from go!  It's always a win-win with these programs because they focus on EVERY area of impact, ensuring everyone involved wins!  Followed up with Business Workshop #3/Guided Meditation #3.

Business Workshop #4: Re-Structuring The Plan

Now that we have taken a good, hard look at things and have  the basics of the core principles of CCMS, it's time to take another look at your business plan and how you intend to orchestrate the change or launch.  Most business owners find that with a couple of simple adjustments they  can explode their business with little capital and create a team that will help support your dreams and direction!  Followed up with Business Workshop #4/Guided Meditation #4.

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Business Workshop #5: Forming The Team

With Workshop #5 we explore how we can use these new  thoughts to begin creating the team you need to maximize your marketing, customer service, and overall employee  satisfaction.  Whether you are an existing business owner or a start-up, employees are your  ticket to success, as they are the front line and the first person your customers experience when they work with your business.  I am going to show you how to not only form a solid team, but also how to keep them!  Followed up with Business Workshop #5/Guided Meditation #5.

Business Workshop #6: Launching the Plan

As you worked through the other workshops, you refined and strengthened your personal and business foundations.  Now you are ready to make it happen!  This chapter talks about  launching  (or re-launching) your business in the most effective manner and how to continue to build upon this foundation over the next 12 months.  This is were you get to see the results of all your hard work!  YOU MADE IT!  Followed up with Business Workshop #6/Guided Meditation #6.



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